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QMS Documentation

The PRIDE Study Question Management System is a software application used to store, organize, and manage questions and answers. This system is designed to help researchers, calibrators, and faculty handle discover related questions over the life of the study.

The Question Management System includes features such as:

  • A centralized database to store questions and answers
  • A categorization system to organize questions based on topics, keywords, or any other criteria
  • Search and filtering capabilities to easily find relevant questions and answers

The main goal of a Question Management System is to provide quick and accurate answers to researcher inquiries, improving the overall user experience and reducing PRIDE Study response times. It can also help to increase efficiency by reducing the workload on support teams and allowing them to focus on more complex support requests.

Follow these instructions to request PRIDE Study data.

The PRIDE Study Question Management System (QMS) is a tool developed to assist researchers and participants in understanding the questions and answer combinations by annual survey (AQ). This solution is publicly facing; anybody curious about our longitudinal data can discover the evolution of the questions/answers over time.

  • By default, the QMS displays 10 question/answer combinations; however, the pulldown on the upper left will allow users to select 10, 25, 50, or 100 entries to be displayed on a page.
  • The tool automatically sorts returned data by "Survey" and "Qualtrics Variable ID." Currently, the ability for user-defined sorting has been suppressed.
  • Users can search for specific terms using the column search features built into the QMS. For example, if a user wants to see how which questions have the word "cigarettes" in them, the user needs to type "cigarettes" into the "Question" search field. Worth noting; to attain more granularity, users can search in multiple columns for different search terms.
  • The "Survey" column is the column that corresponds to the respective annual survey.
  • The "Qualtrics Variable ID" is the unique identification tag The PRIDE Study assigns variables. You will find that this column also holds a checkbox. This check box allows users to select questions that they believe will impact their research. Once all the selections have been made, users can click on the “Submit Final Selections” button (located both on the top and bottom of the page). A second screen will display all choices selected. If the selection is appropriate, users can download the question data payload from the link title “results payload here.”
  • The "Display Logic" will show any "Qualtrics Variable IDs" that are required to display the current question. For example: For the Annual Survey "2017AQ," question "23ANDME_SHARE," we will discover "23ANDME" in the "Display Logic" column. For "23ANDME_SHARE" to be displayed, Question "23ANDME" would have to return some "true" result. Refer to the image below.
  • The "Question" column is the question asked of the participant in the survey.
  • The "Answer" column displays the answers, and the corresponding numeric value returned for that answer. For example, the question "AAQ7" for the annual survey 2017AQ has several answers, one of which is "Seldom True." If that answer is selected, the data payload from the survey platform will return 3.