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Survey Data Details

The Cookbooks have verbose questions and answer combinations that include logic flows. These are comprehensive PDFs of the data found within The PRIDE Study surveys.

The Variable Lists are Excel formatted files containing the Qualtrics variable id and the corresponding question or answer. In some instances where the question is a multiple-selection type, the questions will include possible answer combinations. For example, in Qualtrics variable ID, “QUITHOW_9,” we have a related question and answer: “In any previous quit attempts, which of the following methods/resources have you used to help you quit? (Check all that apply.) - Selected Choice - Nicotine gum.”

The Survey Completeness Analysis examines the various combinations of surveys that participants have completed. It provides insights into the number of participants who have completed specific combinations of surveys. Let's take the example surveys: Lifetime, AQ2020, AQ2021, AQ2022, and AQ2023, the analysis reveals that a total of 227 participants (as of 28-Jun-2023) have completed this particular combination. This information is useful for understanding the engagement and response rates of participants in relation to different survey combinations. It allows researchers or analysts to identify popular combinations and assess the overall completion rate for specific sets of surveys. The file named "" contains a daily report that is executed at 1:30 AM. This report is presented in Excel format and is named "surveyCompleteness_YYYY-MM-DD.xlsx," where the date corresponds to the day the data was downloaded. For instance, if you download the data on July 4th, 2023, the Excel file will be saved as "surveyCompleteness_2023-07-04.xlsx." The Excel file consists of two columns: "surveyCombination" and "Count." The "surveyCombination" column represents the various combinations of surveys completed by participants, while the "Count" column indicates the number of participants who have completed each combination. It is important to note that these figures change daily as new participants join The PRIDE Study and begin to take surveys. Additionally, it is crucial to highlight that this analysis exclusively includes participants who were over 18 years old at the time they began the respective survey. Furthermore, only active participants who have not requested to be withdrawn from the study are included in this analysis. For the latest Survey Completeness Analysis, click here.

Annual Questionnaire Surveys
Survey Name Open Date Close Date Status Codebook Variable List Completed
Lifetime Health & Experiences Survey 27-Jun-2019 13-Jul-2022 Closed Codebook Variable List 11,127 875 12,002
Lifetime Health & Experiences Survey Ver. 2 24-May-2023 Open Codebook Variable List - - -
2017 Annual Questionnaire 02-May-2017 02-May-2018 Closed Codebook Variable List 5,671 1,537 7,208
2018 Annual Questionnaire 05-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2019 Closed Codebook Variable List 5,457 1,876 7,333
2018 Annual Questionnaire Supplement 05-Jun-2018 25-Jun-2019 Closed Codebook Variable List 5,125 497 5,622
2019 Annual Questionnaire 01-Jul-2019 28-May-2020 Closed Codebook Variable List 4,565 1,120 5,685
2020 Annual Questionnaire 08-Jun-2020 29-Jun-2021 Closed Codebook Variable List 5,197 1,299 6,496
2021 Annual Questionnaire 26-Jul-2021 23-May-2022 Closed Codebook Variable List 4,900 1,300 6,200
2022 Annual Questionnaire 06-Jun-2022 16-May-2023 Closed Codebook Variable List 5,312 1,787 7,099
2023 Annual Questionnaire 25-May-2023 Open Codebook Variable List - - -

Ancillary Study Surveys
Survey Name Collaborating
Open Date Close Date Status Codebook Variable List Completed
2022 COVID Survey PRIDE 27-Jan-2022 18-May-2022 Closed 2,904 277 3,181
Alcohol and Substance Use Survey 04-Jan-2021 14-Aug-2021 Closed 4,101 293 4,394
Coronavirus Impact Survey PRIDE 23-Mar-2020 31-Jan-2021 Closed 5,426 662 6,088
COVID Family Building Survey PRIDE 27-Jan-2022 17-May-2022 Closed 2,734 101 2,835
Digestive Health Survey Coming Soon - - -
Eating & Body Image Questionnaire 20-Apr-2018 04-Aug-2018 Closed 4,291 388 4,679
Eating & Body Image Questionnaire (2023) 10-Jul-2023 Open
Heart Health Survey Nicole Rosendale 05-May-2023 21-Jul-2023 Closed 3,536 1,428 4,964
HPV and Health Information
Seeking Survey
25-Feb-2020 20-Apr-2020 Closed 3,339 245 3,584
Migraine Headache & Trauma Survey Nicole Rosendale 21-Aug-2018 18-Nov-2018 Closed 3,222 105 3,327
Progesterone for Gender
Affirmation Survey
Julia Chang, Danit Ariel 16-Oct-2023 Open - - -
Rainbows of Aging Survey Jason Flatt 04-Aug-2018 17-Nov-2018 Closed 676 32 708
Recent Respiratory Illness Survey 23-Mar-2020 31-Jan-2021 Closed 2,812 1,897 4,709
Sexual and Reproductive Health Survey Heidi Moseson, Juno Obedin-Maliver 14-May-2019 16-Sep-2019 Closed 4,012 220 4,232
Social Determinants of Health Survey 13-Mar-2023 27-June-2023 Closed 4,955 342 5,297
Sun & Skin Survey 19-Apr-2018 04-Aug-2018 Closed 4,772 85 4,857
Testing Demographics Questions 23-May-2022 24-Jun-2022 Closed 2,928 95 3,023
Understanding Treatment Experiences
and Preferences Survey
Annesa Flentje 20-Jan-2022 16-Feb-2022 Closed 2,455 234 2,689